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•    What is my Warranty?  All cars purchase prior to February 1, 2012 came with a 1 year/ 12,000 mile limited power-train warranty.  All vehicles that date came with a 2 year/ 24,000 limited mechanical warranty.  All vehicle purchases as of April 1, 2014 will come with a 6 months/6,000 mile Power train warranty.  All vehicle purchases as of November 14, 2014 come with a 24 months/24,000 Limited Mechanical Warranty. Contact dealer for details on covered components.
•    What Is my responsibility to keep my warranty?  Keep proper levels of fluids.  Change oil no more than every 5,000 miles.  You are responsible to keep and show records when requested of maintenance.  Any abuse voids warranty.
•    What are some forms of abuse?  They are but not limited to:
•    Running a vehicle with low fluid levels
•    Continuing to operate vehicle while over-heating occurs
•    Physical damage
•    Towing more than the factory desired weight
•    Continuing to drive the vehicle with the knowledge that repairs are needed
•    Does the Advantage Plan supply loaner cars?  No, the Advantage Plan does not have insurance for or stock loaner cars.  We have however arranged for discounted rentals for those that qualify.  Most rentals car companies require a credit card and have minimum age requirements as well.
•    What if I am out of town and my vehicle has problems? – Be aware for cost reasons the Advantage Plan warranty is a local warranty and repairs are only available in our shop.  Should the vehicle breakdown while you out of town you would be responsible for the cost to have the vehicle transported back to our service department or the cost of any repairs done outside our shop.


•    Why do you call your service department a Support Center?  Our service department is a designed to be a non-profit operation.  It’s sole existence is to help insure that your repair needs are supplied at the lowest possible cost during your loan.
•    What is included in your cost?  It’s simple, our intent is to only cover personnel and overhead expense which in many cases can be half of what another service center charges.
•    Is this service offered to any other customers or vehicles not financed with GAC?  No this is strictly for those customers that are currently financing a vehicle through the Advantage Plan and GAC (General Acceptance LLC).
•    Is this service offered at any Sam Swope location?  No we have combined all of our Support service at #2 Swope Autocenter.  By doing this we have gathered some of the finest technicians, equipment, and facilities to better service our customers.

My Loan (GAC)-

•    How can I make my payment?  There are several ways:
•    In person at one of our two locations – cash (no change on hand), check, charge card, or money order
•    On our site please see Portal Pay – Charge card only
•    Mail payment to PO Box 99851 Louisville, KY 40269
•    Can I set up a recurring payment on my card?  Yes, you can do this through our Portal Pay on line or come in and we can assist you as well.
•    You said you report to the credit bureau?  There are three main bureaus and at this time we do report to Trans Union.
•    Is there a grace period for my payment? No, there are no grace periods.  All payments are due on or before the due date.
•    Why should I make sure GAC has my e-mail address?  Like many companies we look for ways to reduce our cost which also saves our customers money.  Many of our benefits and communication with our customers are e-mail only like give-a-ways, drawings, monthly incentives, etc.  If we don’t have your e-mail address you will miss out.

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